Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nashville Birthday Getaway

Several months ago when we started talking about Kate's birthday party, she mentioned wanting to go Nashville to the new American Girl store with 2 of her friends.  This sounded like a great idea to us so we jumped on it.  We planned a super fun getaway to celebrate our birthday girl.  We kicked off the fun on Friday morning with her first present - a dress for her American Girl doll that matches a dress she has.  She was so excited to get to wear it on the trip.  
 After school, we picked up 2 of her besties, Addy and Paige, and headed to Nashville.  Granna also joined us for the trip which was awesome!  We checked into our fun hotel for the night and the girls were so excited.
 We stopped for drinks in the lounge before heading to the mall.  The girls loved their special drinks and doing cheers!
 We had special dinner reservations at the bistro in the American Girl store.
 It was such a special dinner.  They do an amazing job of making little girls feel so special!  Each doll got a special chair along with a doll sized cup and saucer.
 The girls had so much fun and it was the perfect meal!!!  Lots of giggles!
 The girls ordered a special dessert of cupcakes for them and a little one for their doll.
 The cool part was they got to decorate the cupcakes however they wanted.  It was so cute!!
 After dinner, it was time to shop!!!  Kate could not wait to see all the Grace doll stuff.  Grace is the doll of the year and has been a favorite of Kate's since she saw the movie this summer.  She had saved up money and gotten some extra for her birthday and could not wait to buy her own Grace doll!
 The girls had so much fun playing in the store.  So many fun interactive things for them to do!  They played for over an hour!

 Only proof that I went along for the weekend.  I promise I was there and having tons of fun!
 We headed back to the hotel where the girls quickly got changed into pjs and continued looking through American Girl catalogs.  They were so cute (and giggly - we may have gotten a phone call that they were too loud).
 We finished up the night with a special cookies and milk delivery from room service.  They were so tired and quickly went to bed with visions of dolls dancing in their heads.
Of course they were up early because who would want to miss a moment of fun by sleeping in.  They enjoyed Saturday morning cartoons in bed for a while.  
 We enjoyed a big made to order breakfast and an early morning swim.  They had so much fun swimming!  
Then it was time to head back to the store to do some more shopping.  Addy had gotten them all matching dresses along with dresses for their dolls.  To say they were cute would be an understatement!  Everywhere we went people would stare and whisper because they were so cute.  Lots of questions asking if they were triplets.  Ha!  
 All the workers at the store thought they were precious!  Saturday morning the store was a lot crazier than Friday night.  But we managed to get everyone the things on their shopping lists.
 All the dolls got to go to the doll salon for new hair styles and some ear piercing.
 Then it was sadly time to head back home.  We made one last stop for lunch and the cuteness continued!  These girls are such sweet friends and I am so thankful they are part of Kate's life.  They were so much fun all weekend.
 Kate could not wait to get home and get her hands on Grace!!
It was such a fun weekend and the perfect way to celebrate our Kate turning 6!!  It was full of all of her favorite things - dolls, friends, hotels and travel!  Perfect way to kick off Kate's birthday weekend!