Thursday, November 5, 2015

Picture Dump

Thought I would do a quick catch up with the pictures that I had randomly on my phone.  I haven't been taking as many pictures lately.  I need to step up my game!  Love these sweet kids.  They looked so cute in their long sleeve shirts and shorts.  The weather has been so warm that we haven't gone full winter clothes yet.  Hopefully some cool weather will come soon.  
 We are so proud of how well this girl is doing in school.  She struggled the first few weeks of school just settling in but she has gotten in the groove and is doing awesome!!  We are seeing great progress in her work and she is focusing and getting her work done daily.  She is awesome!!  This homework cracked me up.  She had to write the favorite part of the story for the week and her favorite part was the title page?!?!  Funny girl!
 Got this sweet pumpkin at one of my favorite shops (Sweet Pineapple).  It was the perfect addition to the fall decor this year.  I was late getting decorated but am really enjoying the fun little fall touches throughout the house.
 My favorite part of each day is carline.  I know that is crazy but I love it because it means I get to see my loves!!  I can't wait to get them each day and see their smiling faces!
 We are all adjusting to the time change.  I forget each year how dark it gets so early.  Ugh!  We improvised the other day and played a little with Evan and Addy in the dark.  Gotta burn off some energy!
 Sweet Kate asked her daddy to read her a book before school this morning.  Love it!