Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Helper!

Ben is such a sweet little guy! He amazes me everyday with what a giving heart he has. I have never really had the gift of giving but Ben sure does. He wants everyone to be happy and everyone to have everything he has! To go along with that means that he loves to help him mommy and daddy. And we love the help. Anytime I am doing any cleaning (a rare event) he wants to help out. When he sees a mop or a broom he wants to clean (LeeAnn learned this because he mopped her entire new house when we went to visit). Every morning he helps me open the blinds and make my bed. I will never forget the time when he could just barely walk and I heard him grunting while I was making up the bed one morning. I turned around and he was trying to pick up a huge pillow to help me out! Such a sweetie. The one thing he does to "help" that is not really helping is unloading the dishwasher. He unloads as I load. So cute but so not helpful. If you try to pull him away he cries. He just wants to help. Such a sweet spirit! I sure do pray he stays this way so that I can teach him how to clean bathrooms!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos as always - what a little cutie! This reminds Chris and me sooo much of Gabe!! And just wait until Ben is older, when he really CAN help with housework - you will be amazed at what a 2 year old can do (and the most amazing part is when they actually think it's fun LOL)! Gotta love it :)- Jess