Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Playdate

Hope everyone is having a wonderful "luck of the Irish" sort of day! We all got dressed in our green this morning for a day of fun! We had a playdate today with our friends the Johnsons! Kim and her 3 little boys (yep 3 boys) came over. It was so much fun!! Ben and Micah are just 2 weeks apart in age. They play so well together. Big brother Eli also came and had fun with the little guys too! They could have played for hours!! We don't know what all they did back in Ben's room but they had fun and that is all that matters. Kim and I enjoyed some fun mommy talk which is always good! Baby Isaac who is 3 weeks older than Kate was also here. So Kate and Isaac had fun together too. Well they pretty much just looked at each other although they did enjoy touching each other and smiling. It was cute. I am sure they will be friends too.
Here are the boys playing. Ben's room was totally destroyed but everyone pitched in and got it all cleaned up! And they had so much fun that who cares about a little mess.

Kate and Isaac chilling together! Yes he is only 3 weeks older than her. He is a big boy (has been since day one - Kim is my hero having at 10 pound 7 ounce baby).

Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. If you have a chance you can check out some friends of ours website/blog that has beautiful pictures of Ireland. They are living and working over there and I just love looking at their pictures. They are a very special couple doing great things in Ireland!!