Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arkansas Fan?????

Guess where we are going this weekend...

We are so excited to be heading to Auburn for the game. It is a BIG game!!!!!!! It is going to be a great weekend. Some tailgating, hanging with friends and family plus football! What could be better? Ben and Matt are actually the ones that will be heading to the game. Kate and I will watch in luxury. Ben is so excited about the game. He loved the one he got to go to last year. It was so cold and miserable and Auburn lost so pitifully to Kentucky but he still had a blast. To this day I think he thinks Auburn won. We are hoping this game will be totally different. The weather looks awesome. Hopefully the team will show up this year and deliver a big win! I so want him to experience what it is like to be in Auburn for a big win.
Although we are having a problem. Yesterday we were driving to school and we passed a car that had Alabama stuff on it. Ben said "Look they are for Alabama." I responded with "Are we for Alabama or Auburn?" I was fully expecting a resounding "AUBURN!" Instead I got... "Neither, I am for Arkansas." Arkansas??? Since when are you an Arkansas fan buddy? I don't know where that came from but in our house you are an Auburn fan!!!! He better figure it out before the game this weekend.


Brianna said...

Too funny!

Jessica said...

I warned you I would get to your kids one way or another! Possibly this is it?