Friday, October 8, 2010

Pit Stop

On the way home from my grandmother's house yesterday, we made a pit stop to see some special people! My college roommate, Ashley, and her family live in Piedmont. So her and Jack met us in Gadsden for lunch and a special outing. Ashley and I met my first week at Auburn. She lived next door to me in the dorm. We became great friends and lived together our last 2 years in an apartment with Jamye! Such fun times. Ashley is always lots of fun to be around. I claim Ashely and Ryan as my only matchmaking scheme. I knew Ryan from church and thought him and Ashley would be great together. So I got them to meet and here we are 9 years later. They are married and have a great little boy. I think I did pretty well at the match making. I retired after that 1 hook up!

We had a good lunch together and then went to Noccalula Falls. It is a fun little place for kids. They have a train that you can ride around the park. They have a bunch of animals and a playground. What more could kids want! It was a lot of fun to catch up with Ashley and see Jack. He is getting so big!
Ben and Jack. The become buddies really fast.
Ben on the train My 2 sweet kiddos. got them both looking through a cut out!
Ben and Jack roaring at the lion. This cracked us up. They were roaring so loud at her. she just looked at them like they were crazy.
They had the tamest deer. Ben loved being able to hold out leaves and feed the deer from his hand.
Kate chilling in her stroller. She was just along for the ride and had a great time.

She liked the pretty purple flowers.
Boy fun on the playground.

Ashley and I were laughing as we walked back to the cars. We were both exhausted and so hot. We were talking about how 10 years ago we were in college without a care in the world. Our biggest decision was if we were going to watch a Lifetime movie or study. My how things have changed! We enjoyed our pit stop on the way home. It was great to see Ashley and Jack!!