Thursday, April 12, 2012

First TBall Game

I am finally done with Easter pictures! But I still have more to catch up on from the weekend. Ben had his first TBall game on Saturday afternoon. He was so excited!! He looked too cute in his Rangers uniform!Matt is helping out as an assistant coach! He also looked too cute in his uniform ; )!They did a little practice while waiting for the game to start. Kate had to get a picture with the ball player!TBall games are really funny to watch. The boys really don't know what they are doing out there. There are coaches all over the field helping them and telling them what to do. Ben was catcher first. It is a bit of a boring job in TBall. He made some dirt drawings after a while. He did a great job hitting! He got to hit 3 times and he got a base hit each time. One time he even got an RBI. The best moment of the game was the first time he hit the ball. He hit it and held onto the bat as he ran to 1st. He ran the whole way holding the bat. Matt was the first base coach and he was yelling at him to drop the bat but he was so focused on running he didn't. We all had to laugh at that.

He also played center and left field. He did a great job being ready! Best of all he had a great time! He can't wait until his next game.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Shoeless Joe Jackson out there in Left.....where triples go to die!!

Looking good!

Uncle Charlie