Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Childlike Faith

Ben is loving BSF.  Each night he asks for Matt to sit down with him and do their questions.  It is such a special thing.  A couple of weeks ago I was looking at his answers to the questions from Matthew 17.  I was struck by the great lessons of faith that I could learn from him.  
The simple faith of a child!  Why do I complicate things so much?  These are things that I struggle with on a daily basis these days.  I love seeing the way that Ben believes so simply the Word of God.  My prayer for him is that he always remembers these lessons of simple faith and that they become rooted in his heart.  My prayer for myself is that as I struggle with doubts and fears that I trust and live out these simple faith lessons.


Karen Tidwell said...

We could all learn a lesson from Ben's faith. I love how he says Jesus heals people we care about-such a precious expression of love for his granddad.