Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Wednesday

Today was one of those busy days that sneaks up on you.  I wasn't expecting it.  We had our normal Wednesday stuff of school, work and BSF.  Then Kate and I took lunch to my dad getting chemo.  We then had to quickly run over the mountain to pick Ben up early from school.  Then it as back over the mountain for a dentist appointment for the kids.  They did awesome!!  Sat in those chairs like a pro and opened big.  Both got great reports of no cavities.  
 Of course we needed a treat to celebrate so some frozen yogurt was in order.
 Finally we got to come home where our new interior decorator got to work.  Kate decided today that she likes "decorating."  I use that term very loosely because it is more like just placing items randomly around the room.  She would not let me touch anything she placed because she said it was decoration.  Where does she get this stuff?
 We finished up the evening with a family project of putting together the kids Valentine treats for their friends at school.  The next several weeks are going to be a bit crazy so I was glad to get a jump on this project.  The kids had a blast putting them together.  I like family projects!
So there you go...  I little peak into our Wednesday (boring or crazy your choice).