Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'd Like to Give the World a Coke

After our zoo adventure we headed for lunch.  We wanted to try something different so we did some research and decided on Chick-a-Biddy.  It was all chicken with a southern flare.  It was amazing!!!  So yummy and lots of great options.  Best onion rings I have ever had.  

 We were debating what to do next as it was still early afternoon.  We decided to bit the bullet and go to the World of Coca Cola.  It was a great decision.  We had a wonderful time.  I am so glad my parents were able to join us on the road trip.  My dad started a new chemo a couple of weeks ago and the side effects have been minimal so he is feeling great.  What special memories we made!!
 They had a new exhibit where  you got to see the vault where the secret recipe for Coke is kept.  Very cool!
 We really enjoyed wondering through the museum and seeing all the fun coke related things.
 Ben really enjoyed seeing how they bottle coke.
 And a 4 D movie is always fun!
 My mom is a hug Norman Rockwell fan so she enjoyed seeing the original Rockwells that they have.
 We chilled out on the American Idol coke couch.
 The best part is of course the end of the tour when you get to taste test all the different coke flavors from around the world.
 Ben was very adventurous and tried some really unusual flavors.
 Kate discovered a love for Coca Cola.  I am not sure she had ever had a Coke before but she is now hooked.  I think she might have drank her weight in it.  Needless to say she was a little wired when we left.  It was so funny to watch!  She keeps asking when she can have more Coke.
 Love my silly dad and his awesome photo bomb!
We headed back to LaFayette for the evening and were worn out from our fun day in the ATL!  Love that we have such a fun big city that we can get to easily.