Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

I like any day where you can do a little something special!  So of course yesterday on St. Patrick's Day I had a little bit of fun.  I told both of the kids to make sure they wore green.  I think they did great picking out their clothes for the day!
 Our neighborhood has had fun with the green dye the last couple of years at the waterfall.  It was fun to see!

 I had special leprechaun drinks ready for the kids when they got home from school.  Ben was excited.  Kate not so much.  
 I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it!  Simple and easy way to dress up fruit.
 For dinner we enjoyed green chocolate chip pancakes.  Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like green pancakes!

It was a fun day.  Matt and I were laughing because we have no Irish blood in us and we are not Catholic but it was still fun.