Monday, March 3, 2014

The BEST Day EVER Continues

Ben's great day continued Friday afternoon.  A couple of months ago when it was time to start thinking about Ben's party, we gave him a couple of options.  He could have a party or have a little weekend getaway with friends.  He chose the getaway.  It is perfect for him because he loved hotels and travel (just like me).  He picked his best buddies Evan and Micah.  So we picked them up on Friday afternoon and hit the road to Nashville.  We left Kate and Granna and Grandaddy's house so it was the boys and me!  Nothing like a van full of boys!
 They were so cute when we got to the hotel in Nashville.  Carrying in their own bags and acting like such big boys.
 We stayed at an Embassy Suite which was super nice.  It includes a little reception with pre dinner drinks and snacks.  We introduced the boys to Shirley Temples.
 Then it was off to our dinner adventure.  When we were thinking about what would be fun for Ben and his birthday we thought of a Brazilian restaurant.  They are so much fun and perfect for a little boy who loves grilled meats.
 During the meal there are gauchos that walk around with skewers of meat and cut you off what you want.  Ben was in heaven.  The look on his face in the photo says it all - he was in awe!  He was very adventurous and tried all the meats including lamb.  
 Of course we had to finish off the meal with a yummy birthday dessert!
 It was such a fun meal.  So glad to celebrate our birthday boy in a way perfect for him with his best friends.
 We headed back to the hotel and let the boys have the bedroom (we slept on the sofa bed).  They stayed up late watching movies.
But being young they were also up early - like 6:30 early.  So we decided to head down to the pool for a little early morning swim.  They had a blast!  The whole pool to themselves.  They worked up quite an appetite so we all enjoyed the yummy made to order breakfast.
 The other big part of the trip was a visit to the Lego store.  These 3 boys love some Legos!
 They have fun browsing and playing with all the Legos.
 Ben had some birthday money from his GG he was excited to spend.
We then headed back to Huntsvegas.  It was such a fun little getaway.  I loved just getting to spend some special time with my little guy on his birthday doing all the things he loves.  It was a perfect birthday.