Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Tuesday

All rules go out the window on Spring Break I guess - I become super fun mom!!  This morning for breakfast I let the kids eat ice cream in our bed.  I know I am really fun.  Well actually, I am avoiding the grocery store and we didn't have many other options.  

 Spring Break can't be all fun.  I do have a job and even though it is super flexible I needed to go into work for a little bit.  The kids were great and just read and played while I worked.
 Then it was time for some fun.  We met up with the Cabras for a movie.  We had wanted to go to the botanical gardens but it was freezing today.  It is not supposed to snow on Spring Break!  So the movies were a good option.  We saw the new Muppet movie.  The kids enjoyed it.

Day 4 of Spring Break was a huge success!  Tomorrow will bring some big adventures.