Saturday, March 1, 2014


Today our sweet little boy turns 7!!  This thought absolutely blows me away.  There is something about 7 that just sounds old.  He is not longer a little boy but growing daily into a young man.  On this day 7 years ago our world changed forever when the sweetest little baby was lots of dark hair and big eyes made his entrance.  It has been  so wonderful to be his mom and dad.  He makes parenting easy!!  I am so excited that today we celebrate him and what a great guy he is!!
 Dear Ben,

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  We are daily amazed at how you are growing and changing right before my eyes.  We are so thankful for how much you have learned over the past year.  First grade has been a wonderful experience for you.  You are reading every book you can get your hands on.  Math and science are your real loves.  You say that you want to be either an army man or president when you grow up.  We think you might be an engineer.
 Evan and Micah continue to be your best friends and have been since you were little but you have made lots of new friends at school.  There has even been some fun interactions with girls who are flirting with you.  We're not sure we are ready for that just yet!
 Just like last year your favorite things to do is play Legos while listening to Odyssey.  You would spend all day doing this if we would let you.  You also love playing the Wii and playing outside.  Watching movies as a family is something we all love especially you.  We love hearing you sing along to songs in movies or on the radio.
 We are excited about all of the new foods you are trying.  If it is a meat you will eat it!!  Steak is your absolute favorite following closely by bacon.  It is awesome how much more adventurous you are becoming not only in what you are eating but also in what you are doing.  You have always been pretty reserved but lately you are much more willing to do new things.
 You continue to have the kindest heart.  You think about other above yourself.  I am learning compassion from you little man!  This year has been hard at times but you have thrived.  We are so thankful for that.
 This year you have begun to really hide away the truths of God in your heart.  We can see His gospel message beginning to change you.  Our prayer is that over the next few years to see your need for a Savior and then that you follow Him all of the days of your life.  You love studying the Bible and learning new truths.
Happy Birthday, Ben!!  We count it a huge privilege to be your mom and dad.  We are so thankful God entrusted you to us.  We hope today is the best day ever!!

Mom & Dad