Sunday, March 9, 2014

Parade of Readers Week 1

Well if there was one word to describe life at the Eckley house right now it would be READING.  Our little guy is a reading machine for Parade of Readers.  It is what he does every waking moment it seems.  
 And I spend all my time filling out chain links!  Really it is fun and is doing what it is supposed to because he is reading!
 This was his passport at the beginning of the week (I was at the school a lot last week - so much so that Kate was begging not to go by Thursday).
 And this was his chain by Friday.  Yep all the way to the ceiling because he got over 100.  127 to be exact!  So proud of him!! Our house is now full of all sorts of little incentives.
 For reaching their first goal they got to decorate hands to hang on the wall.  I loved Ben's!
 On Friday Aunt Kelly came to talk to Ben's class for career day (I won't go into how they overlooked his parents for career day).  She was a HUGE hit!!  Thanks so much Kelly!
 I am on the secret admirer committee for POR which means on Fridays I come into their class during lunch and leave little treats from "the reading fairy."  They loved it!
So thankful for a wonderful school that promotes reading so much!