Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School Details

Thought I would share a little of our back to school morning.  I love making the big day something special for the kids.  These are the traditions I want them to look back on as the grow.  I got my "cookie lady" to make some back to school treats for the kids teachers.  It never hurts to bride a little before the year starts.  
I also got a fun cookie for Ben's lunch box on the first day.  I sure didn't miss packing lunches during the summer.  
 We always get the kids a little treat for their first day.  It is fun to have something new to start school with.  Kate got a little Lego Friends set.  It was perfect for her.
 I enjoyed making some fun little decorations for their breakfast!
 Ben got his traditional Lego keychain for his backpack!  This year he picked an Ewok.
 Then it was time to head off to school.  There was a big debate if I was going to get to walk Ben into class.  Second grade must be the cut off for that per him.  Finally at the last minute he let me.  I told him it was for me and not for him.
 Always hard to leave my babies but I know he is going to have such a wonderful year!  Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Holcomb.
 Kate's morning was not quite traditional.  Before I could take her to school I needed to take her to the doctor to get checked out.  She had broken out in a rash/red spots in several places.  We could not figure out what it was and wanted to make sure she was not contagious.  Thankfully they got us in early.  Dr. Patz thinks it is some sort of bug bites so she was cleared to go to school.  She arrived a little late but was so excited!!
Both kids had great days!  Ben says all they talked about the first day was rules.  Kate has been bringing home some beautiful pictures she has colored.  I am so excited for them and the wonderful school year they are going to have!