Monday, August 25, 2014

Closer to 40

Saturday was Matt's big day!!  He turned the big 3-5.  I am enjoying joking around with him that he is now closer to 40 than 30.  It was such a busy weekend but we did manage to celebrate our favorite husband and dad.

We went and got donuts at Dunkin Donuts before the swim.  Yummy way to start the day.  
 We got him a few little things including a tie, brown socks and boxers.  I know we give some awesome gifts!  Really his big birthday gift was a new swing for our porch.  It is so great and we are all enjoying it already.
 After the swim we went and got a little ice cream with my family to celebrate.
 Then we had some yummy cookie cake.  (It sounds like our whole day was about eating and I guess it was).
 Matt and I had talked earlier in the week about taking a little road trip in the afternoon.  We decided to head up to Swanee, TN.  We had heard it was a beautiful little town and college.  We drove on up and enjoyed the town.  The college was really neat.  We loved the chapel.

 Kate was really fascinated with the inside of the chapel.  She loved looking around.  I was so impressed with how much she liked it.
 We walked around the campus some.  It was move in day so we didn't get to see everything.  We also enjoyed checking out the tiny town.  There wasn't much to it but it was still great.
 On the way up we passed a small town called Cowan that was really neat looking so we went back.  We introduced the kids to an old fashion soda fountain which they loved!
 There was also an old timey gas station.
 And they took a walk down the railroad tracks.  I just love this picture!
 We then slowly made our way back home by driving through a bunch of little towns in Tennessee.  The celebrating continued on Sunday with lunch at Matt's parent's house.
We are so thankful for our wonderful husband and father!  What a blessing he is in our lives and we love getting to celebrate him!