Friday, August 1, 2014

Last Week of Summer

With all the beach pictures and having a busy week, I have gotten behind in posting about our week. I am so sad that it was the last week of summer.  I am trying to be in denial that come next Tuesday it is back to the routine.  But it is going to come whether we want it to or not!  Ugh!!!!  We have had the BEST summer ever.  I love every minute that I get to spend with my wonderful kiddos!  I am going to miss them so much when school starts back.  Here is a quick recap of our week.  

We got back from the beach on Sunday which meant on Monday I had to start a countdown to our next vacation!  That is how I roll.  Living for vacations! 
 Tuesday we went to the free movie with the Cabras and then went to the park to play.  The weather was gorgeous!  I mean it was like 75 degrees at the end of July.  CRAZY!!  Ashley and I said we needed to plan more playdates in the summer because it is always beautiful when we do.
 On Tuesday Ben finally got around to starting his summer reading log.  He has done a great job of reading all summer but we kept putting off actually doing the log.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!
 Wednesday we went to the movies with Kelly and Perry.  It was Perry's first trip to the movie.  It was so fun to watch him.  He loved the big screen and loved being there with his big cousins!

Unfortunately the rest of the week has been spent getting ready for school.  Like I said I think I am just going to live in denial.