Monday, August 4, 2014

Ready or Not, It's Starting

Well, it is the big week.  School starts tomorrow.  We have had the best summer and I am so sad to see it come to an end.  But it will be nice to get back to a regular routine.  Both of the kids are excited about starting back to school so I guess I will join them and try to have a good attitude.  

Thursday and Friday of last week was spent in orientations and open houses.  It is always a job trying to juggle being in several places.  Thankfully Andrew was able to help me out and get Kate to the open house at her school.  
 We are so excited for Kate's year.  She will be back at Mayfair in Pre-K!  Can't believe my baby is in Pre-K.  She has the same teacher that Ben had.  Mrs. Jenerick is amazing!  It is going to be such a great year for Kate.  All her best friends are in the class.  Mrs. Jenerick better be ready for the craziness!!
 Ben is really pumped about second grade.  He has Mrs. Holcomb for his teacher this year.  It is her first time teaching 2nd grade (she has always taught 3rd) but we have heard she is a wonderful.  We got to meet her on Friday and Ben loved her right away.  Can't wait to see how well our little guy does!
We know God has big plans for both of the kids this year.  We are already seeing Him work things out to make this year very special.  We are so thankful for the wonderful schools He has for our children.  We pray that He will use them for His glory in school!