Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

I was looking back through the pictures from the weekend and noticed they were very random.  I guess that was what you could say about our weekend - random.  Here is what we randomly did...

Ben has become the street pet sitter.  He has taken care of several of the neighbors pets while they have been gone.  He has enjoyed it and is loving earning some money.  He is saving up for some Legos.  
 I haven't mentioned it but we added a screened in porch on to the house.  It was finished up on Friday so we enjoyed the first of many dinners on the porch Friday night.  It is great!
 We also enjoyed a little fondue Friday night!
 That means we have officially completed our summer list of fun!!!!  Woo hoo!!  It has been such a fun summer.
 Saturday we had to run around and do lots of errands looking for things for the new porch.  The kids were so great.  They really enjoyed the lighting store.
 Ben and I had the opportunity to help out with back pack distribution at the CARE Center.  We put together 2 backpacks this year so it was great to get to see them picked up.  Ben was a great helper.  So thankful for such a special ministry in our community.
 I love finding special surprises around the house courtesy of Kate.  This was in the living room yesterday.  She was making dinner for all her stuffed friends!  So cute!
Today was a big day at our church.  The new children's wing opened up and we moved to having 3 services.  It was a wonderful day!  Such exciting times to be apart of.