Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby Shower

Saturday Kate got to her very first baby shower.  She was so excited!!  And even better it was for her new cousin.  Yes, we are very excited that a new baby will be joining the family.  Brett and Joanna are expecting a new little one in June.  Ben and Kate both can't wait to find out if it is going to be a boy or girl cousin!  We had such a good time celebrating on Saturday with Joanna and family.  Kate was all about some cupcakes!
 It was such a cute theme with birds and nests.  The decor was great!
 Loved this great picture of me and my mom!
 We played some really fun games which Kate loved!!  We had to guess the price of baby items (Kate did better than me) and Kate got to be on a team to put together a picture of the baby.  She took her job very seriously!
 She also got to be a helper for Aunt Joanna while she was opening her gifts.  Kate did awesome helping!!  She loved it!!
It was such a fun shower and great to celebrate Baby Eckley!  We can't wait for him or her to arrive in June!