Monday, March 30, 2015

Circus Time

On Saturday I got to do something I had never done before - go to the circus.  Somehow I had missed this childhood rite of passage (although I do remember watching Circus of the Stars on TV which was awesome).  My brother and I decided to make up for that missing piece of our childhood and take the kiddos to the "Greatest Show on Earth."  I do have to say it was pretty awesome!!!
 The kiddos were so excited (well most of them - I guess it is not cool for 8 year old boys to be excited about anything).

 The show was amazing!!!  We all loved it.  There was so much to see - so stimulating!
 There were some amazing "dancing" camels.
 Our seats were really high up in the arena so we were above the high wire but we had a great view.  I just knew they were going to fall at any moment.
 My favorite were the elephants.  They were so cool to watch.  Who knew such big animals could do sum amazing things.
 Ben loved the tigers.  It was just scary to me.  Who would want to be in a cage with 16 tigers?!?  Crazy!!
Kate loved the acrobats and mermaids that hung from the ceiling.  Perry was fond of the poodles who did tricks.  It was all so much fun to watch.  So glad we were able to go and enjoy the circus.