Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break Part 4

We still had a whole week of relaxing fun ahead of us once we got home on Monday.  The week was full of playing, staying up late and having fun!!  On Tuesday, we ran a bunch of errands that we needed to get done.  To reward the kids for having a good attitude through the errands we went and played on the playground at Ben's school.  It was a gorgeous day!!!!  

 Wednesday we met up with the McClures at the Botanical Gardens.  Once again, it was a beautiful day!  We had so much fun exploring the gardens while they were in full bloom.  Everyone else in the city had the same idea though and it was super crowded but still fun.
 Thursday morning I had to work (you know I do have to do that sometimes) but in the afternoon Micah and Paige came over for playdates.  They played all afternoon and stayed for a pizza dinner.  They all had so much fun.

 Matt left on Wednesday morning to go to HOPA in Austin TX.  Hate that he was gone during our fun week but it made for a relaxing week for all of the rest of us.  The kids love sleeping with me when Matt is gone.

 Friday we went on an adventure with Granna and Grandaddy to Sci Quest.

It really was the perfect week.  Lots of activity but also some down time.  We got lots of extra sleep and are not going to be ready to wake up early on Monday morning.