Monday, March 2, 2015

Ben's Movie Theater

We wrapped up a wonderful weekend celebrating Ben!  It was so much fun!  A couple of months ago I asked Ben what he wanted to do for his birthday.  The big thing he wanted to do was go to dinner at Texas de Brazil with the family.  He wasn't sure about doing a party with his friends.  I talked him into a simple movie night with his best buddies.  It turned out awesome!  It was so easy and lots of fun.  I worked up a fun ticket invitation.  
We kept the party fairly simple.  Lots of popcorn, candy and sodas because that is what movies are all about. 
For the favors I got popcorn boxes at the dollar store and added some candy and popcorn.
Ben wanted a cookie cake so that was easy to get!
We turned the playroom into a movie theater.  We rearranged the furniture and put up a "screen."  Matt was able to borrow a projector from work to make it as real as possible.

The boys showed up ready to party.  They were wild and loud but so much fun.  We started the night with pizza (and lots of discussions of burps and throwing up).
Then it was cake time.  Boys can eat lots of cookie cake!
Then it was on to presents...

I think all of Ben's friends know him well.  They all got him Legos!
A great group of boys!  They were so much fun - Ethan and Evan from his class, Evan and Oliver from the neighborhood and Micah.  We were talking about how Evan and Micah have been to all of Ben's parties since he turned 2.  So sweet to have such good friends.
And a silly group picture!
Then it was time for the main show.  They watched Big Hero 6.  We heard lots of laughing and silliness!
There was quite a bit of fun had with throwing popcorn and candy!
It was a wonderful night!!  So much fun.  So thankful for such great friends for Ben!