Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ice, Ice Baby!

This is the winter that never ends!!  Really - I am totally done with winter!  Yesterday it was beautiful and 75 degrees.  This morning we woke up to this...  over and inch of sleet and ice!  Ugh!!  The streets are sheets of ice which means no school.  Matt had to spend the night at the hospital and we were stuck inside all day.  
 We tried to make the best of it and have a great "ice day."  I worked on a fun project using this old window.
 Kate and Addy played American Girl dolls.
 The boys played lots of Legos and Wii.
 Ben and I stayed in our pjs all day long.  Seriously I didn't take a shower or get dressed.  It was nice!
 I made the yummiest chicken and wild rice soup for dinner!  It was perfect for a cold, freezing day.
The roads are still very icy so no school again tomorrow!  Nothing like another snow day.  We are so ready for spring and pretty days!!