Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Break Part 3

Monday we woke up and checked out of the hotel before heading over to the Memphis zoo for one last adventure.  
 The day was absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather and a fun zoo.  The crowds were really low so we got to enjoy the zoo all of the zoo easily.

 The usual picture of me with the kids and the flamingos.  I think we have a picture like this from all sorts of zoos.
 We went to a really cool bird show where we saw lots of birds flying.  We even heard this parrot sing.  Ben really wants a pet parrot.
 The kids got to take a ride on a camel.  They loved it!a

 We saw a sea lion show.  It always amazes me how much these creatures can do and how funny they are.
 They had an amazing exhibit on animals of Yellowstone.  We got to see some amazing grizzly bears.  I could have sat for hours watching them.  It was a beautiful area.
 The zoo even has a few panda bears.  It really was a great zoo.

 The kids finished up the day playing hide and seek on the playground.  So much fun!
We stopped for hamburgers before heading out of town.  It was such a great little getaway.  Fun to explore a new city and build some great memories!