Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Day In the Life

I thought it would be fun to do a "day in the life" post.  These are crazy days and I want to remember them.  The day started off a little later than usual.  It was a non running day so I got to sleep until 6.  Matt woke me up as he was leaving for work (it is always early days for him).  
 First up I had to get ready.  Then it was off to fix breakfast for these sleepy heads along with lunches.  Not the most fun part of the day but have to do it.
 Then it was off to drop these cuties at school.  Ben is first then we meet up with Kaylee and Ashley for carpool for Kate.  The carpool is the best thing ever and saves a couple of trips over the mountain each day.  Glad they were all smiles as they head off for the day!
 Today was sort of an odd day because I didn't have to work.  Tuesday mornings are usually full of work but for some reason today I didn't have any patients scheduled (one of the perks of setting my own schedule).  So I ran home for a little while to put on some laundry and organize Kate's closet for the summer.  Thankful to get some time to get some things done!
 Then it was off to run a few errands including stopping by Ben's school to finish registering Kate for kindergarten.  You will be happy to know I didn't cry as I turned in all her paperwork.
 I met up with Ashley for lunch (meant to get a picture but forgot).  My friends are always so sweet to eat lunch with on days my dad gets scan reports.
 I then ran over the mountain to get Kate from school before heading off to dance.  It was a big day at dance because they got their recital costumes.  I got word from my parents during dance that my dad's scans were ok (some good and some not so good).  Scan days are always stressful.
 Then it was off to one of my favorite parts of the day - picking up this guy from school.  I love seeing his sweet smile as he gets into the car.
 We were able to swing by home for about 30 minutes so everyone could get their homework done and get changed for the evening activities.
 Our evening was a little complicated.  I had to drop Ben off at Matt's work so he could get him to his baseball game while I ran to work.  I had to see a late afternoon patient and since Kate had a softball game she was with me.  She loves hanging at my work.
 After work, it was over to the ball park near my office for Kate's game.  She was excited to play her friend Caroline's team and to get to go to a new park.  She did great!  The ball came to her and she caught it - step in the right direction.
 I was getting updates on Ben's game via text.  They won and Ben got 2 hits and an RBI.  Since dinner wasn't happening at home we met up at Buenavista for dinner.  It also happened to be Spirit Night for Ben's school so it was even more of an excuse to eat out.  Great to sit down together and catch up on everyone's day since we had been going non-stop.
We finished up the day with quick showers for everyone and bed time!!  Matt and I are finishing up by blogging and writing emails in bed while watching "New Girl."

There you have it - our day!  Like I said they are crazy days but wouldn't trade it for anything!