Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015 Fun

We have had a crazy couple of weeks.  So much going on.  That being said we didn't get to do as much fun Easter stuff as we normally do.  It was still fun and all that matters is that we celebrated the Resurrection.  Kate's school celebration was a on Friday.  They had a fun egg hunt and party.  I tried hard not to cry since it was our last party at MCDC.  It was our only egg hunt of the year.    

Between activities on Saturday Ben helped me make our traditional tomb cake.  We have been making it since Ben was a little guy so it is a special part of our Easter celebrating.  

 Saturday night we did a little egg dying.  We did some tie dye eggs this year that actually turned out really cute.

 Saturday night the kids got their Easter baskets from us.  Kate got some American Girl doll stuff and the Annie movie and Ben got a game, book and basketball goal for his room (and some socks because that is what you get for Easter).
 Kate always gets so excited about gifts!
 Sunday morning ended up being pretty low key.  Matt taught his first grade class and the kids and I joined him for the late service so we had lots of time in the morning.  I made resurrection rolls for breakfast.  
 After church, we went to the Green Mountain nature trail for a picnic and some family time.  It was nice to relax and spend some time together.  We practiced our hiking for our big summer trip.  Everyone made it all the way around the trail.

Even through it was busy, we still enjoyed a great Easter.  My goal with all holidays is to build special memories for the kids while focusing on God's blessings toward us.