Monday, April 13, 2015

Non Stop Weekend

We had a jam packed weekend!!  We were on the go all weekend.  Those are fun weekends but they are not very restful.  It kicked off Friday night with a late night baseball game.  Ben was so excited to rematch against the team that beat them in the tournament.  He did an amazing job playing catcher and outfield.  They lost in another close game.  Ben had a blast playing!  
 Saturday morning was the Hampton Cove garage sale.  It is yard sales on steroids.  So many sales and so many people.  Hollie came over the mountain and joined me for the craziness.  We had a blast digging through other people's "trash."  We found a few treasures but mainly had a great time together.
 Then it was off to a birthday party for Kate.  Her school and life group buddy Cole turned 5 and had a super fun party at "Up A Creek."  Kate loved the Ninja Turtle theme.
 After the party, we worked on a secret project for a big upcoming party!!  (More to come on this soon...)
 Saturday night Matt and I had a date night.  Mike and Sandy came over to watch the kids and we enjoyed a fun night on the town.  We had a yummy dinner at the Original Public House and then went to the movies.  I think it was the first adult movie I have seen in over a year in the theater.  It was great to get to spend the night together.
 Sunday morning these cuties got all dressed up for church.
 We spent Sunday afternoon getting ready for the week doing laundry, going for a run and playing.  Anna came over and played with Kate.  I love that our teenage neighbor likes to play with our kiddos.  She is so sweet!  We finished up with life group outside in the park.  The weather was beautiful all weekend!
Like I said it was a busy week but so much fun!  Thankful to kick off Monday - maybe we will catch up on our sleep (ha!!!)