Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some Kateisms

As I have said many times, Kate is a funny little girl.  She is definitely a baby among first-borns in our house.  She just does and thinks so differently from the rest of us.  It is so much fun!  I tell her all the time that God chose her special for our family because He knew we needed her.  And she repeats that often to people.  She has a very special place in our family.  Because of her quirky style there are lots of funny things that she says and does (plus add on being 5 which I think is just a funny age).  Here are a few that she has said lately...

It is well known that Kate is about the slowest person around.  I am not kidding.  She never gets in a hurry which is just fine unless you are playing a sport where you are required to hustle.  So at softball practice a few nights ago she had an interaction with Mrs. Ashley that went something like this...
Ashley:  "Come on Kate you need to hurry and run fast around the bases."
Kate: (Said very slowly as she was walking around the bases) "I don't hurry."

We were driving along this week and out of no where Kate says, "The inside of our van is so boring and gray.  I wish we could paint it rainbow colors.  Then it would be so much more exciting."   Never have I ever thought about the inside color of our van.  Only Kate!!  We love her so!