Monday, April 20, 2015

A Panera Weekend

Our weekend was pretty low key which was great!  Friday night was just hanging out at home.  Kids played with friends and Matt and I watched a movie.  Perfect Friday night.  

If you remember from blog posts many years ago - we used to go every Saturday morning.  Over the years life got in the way and we didn't get to go to Panera anymore.  Saturday morning the baseball games got cancelled due to rain so we had a free morning.  Off to Panera we went.  I watched the kids walk into Panera and it brought back memories of them being little babies and us going.  They have gotten so big!  
 Everyone had their "usual."  It was just the good old days!
 Then it was back to the house for lots of chores.  Matt planted several new bushes in the yard and I cleaned and cooked for a dinner get together.  We had some friends over for a grill out.  It was so nice to get to use our new porch and have friends over.
 Sunday morning it was off to church with these cuties!  It was then a laid back afternoon which was wonderful.