Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Sporty Weekend

Between all our Easter activities, we had a lot of sports!  Ben finished up his next cycle of karate on Friday night with his testing for his orange belt.  
 He did great on his testing and now is a proud orange belt!  He is really enjoying karate and doing so well at it.
 Saturday was all about the ball park!  Our day started at 8 am with batting practice for Ben.  Then it was opening ceremonies for the park.  
 Ben had his pre season tournament.  His team (and him) did really well.  They won their first game which meant they advanced to the semi finals.
 The second game was back and forth and so close but they ended up losing at the last minute.  It was a nail bitter.  Ben got 2 great hits and did some great fielding.  He loved getting to play and can't wait to get revenge on the Red Sox.
 Kate also played a couple of short pre season games.  She is the youngest on the team and it shows.  She had fun out there and gave us lots of thumbs up so we will take that as a good sign.
It was a long weekend but so thankful the kids have fun activities they are involved in and enjoy.