Friday, August 28, 2015


So 4 weeks of school down... we are surviving.  Kids are doing great and adjusting well. Both are loving school and making lots of new friends.  Me is a different story.  It is hard adjusting to both kids being in school full time.  I am working more so that is taking up lots of my time but I still have more time than I am used to.  I am spending lots of time doing projects around the house - my fridge and pantry have never been so clean.  I am missing my girl in the afternoons though.  I loved the 2 hours we used to have after preschool before we had to pick up Ben.  My afternoons are lonely without my girl!  But she is doing awesome in school so I can't be too sad.  I guess I just need to find a new hobby.  

She is doing much better with her homework and classwork.  Proud of how quickly she is learning and working hard.  
 The weather has been beautiful the past few weeks and we have enjoyed lots of outside time with friends.
 I caught Kate and Addy playing beauty parlor the other day.  It looked like Bibbity Bobbity Boutique!
 This sweet girl is awesome!  I love her and am so proud of her.