Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Roundup

We are starting to feel more settled into the school routine which is good.  Along with that comes the wonderful feeling when the weekend rolls around.  So fun to try to pack as much into the weekend as possible!  This weekend was no exception.  We had a lot of fun. 

All last week was nasty and rainy.  It was yucky.  Finally on Friday afternoon we got a break in the rain so we took a family walk down to the lake.  Kate enjoyed climbing the trees.  
 Friday night was a fun girl's night out for me!  We had a PJs and Popcorn night at church so it was great to get to go out and hang out with friends.  I came very close to winning the Best PJs from Your Mother In Law contest!
 Saturday was full of playdates and fun!  Ben went over to play with a friend from school and then to play disc golf with Matt and some of the residents from the hospital.  He finished up the day with his first soccer practice of the year.  Needless to say he was worn out!  Kate and I went to have a playdate with a new friend of hers from school.  I am really trying to reach out and meet new people in Kate's class.  What a great opportunity we have to steep out and try to reach out to others!

We finished up Saturday with a little birthday party for Matt with my parents.  He grilled out some burgers and we ate on the porch while it rained some more.
 There was of course a cookie cake!  Because no birthday is complete without a cookie cake.
Sunday deserves it's own post so I will get to it tomorrow!