Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Legos, Vulcan and Burgers

So Sunday on Matt's birthday we decided to take a last minute trip down to Birmingham.  Love spur of the moment family time!  We had heard about a Lego show at the Galleria Mall that was showcasing Lego creations of famous American icons.  It was amazing!!  These were huge Lego creations.  We were all blown away.  The little details were amazing.  There was the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial and White House.  
 The Washington Monument was huge!  And there was the Old North Church, Jefferson Memorial and Supreme Court Building.  So cool!
 The details were amazing.  Could see the Lego Lincoln in the monument!
 Close up of the White House.  So realistic.
The Capital Building was HUGE and so neat!  It made us so excited for our next adventure in 39 days!!  We can't wait.  
 After the Lego displays we didn't really have any plans so we headed up to see the Vulcan.  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed looking over the city of Birmingham.

 We finished up our afternoon by going to Flip Burger for dinner.  Yummy burgers, fries, tots and onion rings!
 And of course some amazing milkshakes - Captain Crunch, Nutella and Krispe Kreme!  Yummy and the perfect way to celebrate Matt's birthday.
It was the perfect impromptu family trip.  Love getting to spend time with my sweet family!