Friday, August 14, 2015

Some Days I Hate Cancer

Ok so maybe it is more than just some days but the last few days have really been days that I hate it!  My Uncle Randall (my dad's younger brother) passed away on Wednesday evening.  He has battled cancer hard and brave for over 5 years.  He was a hilarious guy!  I remember loving playing with him and being around him when I was young.  This picture is from 1985 when he and my grandparents came up to visit our family in Huntsville.  
 I hate that all 3 of these men have had to battle cancer hard and way too young.  My grandfather was the most amazing man and he raised 2 very special boys!
 Yesterday my dad started a new phase of his fight with cancer.  He is on a phase 1 clinical trial for some new immunotherapy drugs.  These are drugs that get his immune system to fight the cancer.  We are praying for amazing results.
Thanks for allowing me to have this pity party.  Yes, cancer sucks but I also know that God is in perfect control of all of these situations.  The fact that our family has had so much heartache is not a surprise to God and He is still good through it all.  Thankful for His love for us and the assurance that even death is not the end!