Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Antics

Well, another wonderful weekend went by all too fast!  Why do weekends have to be only 2 days?  Friday afternoon both of the kids had playdates with school friends so they kicked off the weekend with some fun. We then went over to my parent's house for grilled pizza.  My dad makes the BEST grilled pizza ever!  The mosquitos put a quick end to the planned marshmallow roast but it was still fun.   
 Saturday was wonderful because we had the whole day in front of us with no big plans.  We got some things done around the house in the morning and then it was off to have some fun.  The boys went and played disc golf while Kate, Addy and I went swimming with Kelly, Andrew and Perry.  They had so much fun!  Perry loved playing with the big girls.
 Saturday night we did an impromptu game night with Kelly and Andrew.  We love taco game nights!  Settlers was the game of the night and I managed to pull out a win which is always makes it even better!
Sunday was a low key day around the house after church.  Love lazy days!