Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cupcake Wars

One of the last things on our Summer List of Fun was a cooking competition.  We have spent most of our summer watching cooking competitions on the Food Network.  Ben loves them!  So we thought we would stage our own at home.  A cupcake war seemed like the best option so today was the big day.  It was boys vs girls to see who could make the best cupcake!  The boys got really creative and worked hard to make the perfect maple bacon cupcake.  
 Us girls went a little more traditional with a strawberry cupcake but we did some pretty decorating and made our own special twists.
 Both sets of cupcakes turned out beautiful and were ready for judging.

 We had neighbors, family and friends come over and judge the cupcakes on taste, presentation and creativity.  They were all happy participants to get to try cupcakes!
 In the end the girls came out on top!  Our taste beat out the guys creative maple bacon.

It was such a fun way to have a little competition while getting to eat yummy cupcakes.  What could be better than that?