Monday, October 19, 2015

A Weekend in Auburn

My poor neglected blog!  It has been so long and I'm so sorry.  Don't have an excuse other than life.  It has been a little crazy but oh so much fun.  I'm going to try to catch up over the next few days.  I've been bad about taking pictures so may not take too long to catch up.  Starting with going all the way back September...

Matt had to go out of town for a few days and the kids and I didn't have anything on the calendar so we decided to take a last minute trip down to Auburn.  The kids were so excited to get to see GG.  They love GG and going to her house.  First thing they always do is pull out the box of toys!  Kate loved the whip!
 Saturday morning we just hung out around the house and enjoyed catching up with GG.  Kate also spent some time climbing trees.  Silly girl!
 When we decided to head down I had told Ben I didn't know if we would go to the Auburn game.  I didn't know if I was brave enough to go to the game by myself with him.  He kept asking me if I was feeling brave.  I knew he would have a blast so last minute we decided to do it!  We left LaFayette about 3 hours before the game with no tickets so I didn't know how it would go.  We got to Auburn and took the bus to campus.  He was so excited!!!
 I stopped at the first scalper I saw when we got on campus and he had great seats and was asking face value so I just went ahead and bought the tickets.  Crazy!!!  But it worked out great.  Since we now had tickets we got to enjoy just hanging out on campus until the game starts.  We stopped by the tailgate show.
 Then went and saw the backside of the new video board.  It is huge!!!

 We took a quick walk across campus to Toomers to check out the new oaks they planted.

 And of course a Samford Hall picture!
 Ben could not wait to get into the game so we went ahead and went into the stadium.  Our seats were AMAZING.  About 12 rows up on the 30 yard line.  Right in the middle of the action.  We were surrounded by great Auburn people so it was so much fun!
 We loved being so close to all the action.  We got to see the band up close.
 And see the eagle flying right over our heads.
 It was a great game!!  We came up a little short to Mississippi State but Ben and I didn't care.  We just had so much fun together.  I loved getting to spend so much time with my little man doing something he loves!
 Kate was off having a blast with GG and Aunt Lisa.  They took her shopping and spoiled her rotten!!  I don't even think she noticed Ben and I were gone.  Sunday morning we got up and headed home but Ben had to read the paper to get the reviews on Auburn before we left.
It was such a fun, short trip.  So glad we went and got to have such a fun time.  Love that the kids are at such great ages so that we can do these kind of things.