Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Break Part 1

Well, our fall break didn't go quite as planned but it turned out wonderful.  We had an amazing trip to Washington DC planned for months.  Ben (and the rest of us) was so excited.  First there was a threat of a government shut down.  Then a hurricane was headed straight for DC.  And finally my dad got sick.  We just knew this was not the right time for us to go.  Thankfully when my dad started getting better, we decided to take a last minute trip.  We did some quick research (really like 24 hours before we left) and decided to head up to Charlotte NC.  We had never been there and it seemed like a great option.  So we headed out Tuesday afternoon after some crazy last minute packing.  This was totally out of my comfort zone.  I am a super planned person especially when it comes to trips but I'm learning to be more low key and go with the flow these days.  

We happened to be driving through Knoxville so we decided to stop and show the kids some of the places we enjoyed from our first years of marriage.  Ben was excited to see a street named after one his favorite players - Peyton Manning!  
 We checked out Neyland Stadium and the UT campus.  So much has changed in the past 10 years!
 And then we stopped for dinner at Litton's which was one of our favorite places to eat!
 We kept on travelling to Asheville NC for the night.  It is so nice that the kids have gotten to the place where they can carry their own luggage!  Travelling with them is so easy!
 Wednesday we got up and headed over to the super fancy McDonald's by the Biltmore for breakfast.  The kids thought it was funny that there was a piano in McDonald's.
 Then it was off to Charlotte and our fun stop for the next few days - The Great Wolf Lodge!!  We had heard great things about it and were excited to check it out for ourselves.
 We had the coolest room ever with a special "Kid Kamp" that included bunk beds and a special area for the kids.

 The best thing about Great Wolf Lodge is the indoor water park!!  We couldn't wait to get there so got ready ASAP.  It was amazing!  It was so clean and fun.  We spent hours together playing.  Perfect family time.  We went down the slides over and over.  Our favorite was a family slide that we could all go down together in a raft.  Awesome!
 There was a great pool area where we got to play basketball together.
 Ben and Kate enjoyed racing across the lily pads.  Kate smoked Ben everytime!
 These guys had so much fun (and so did the parents)!
 We went out to dinner after all the water park fun.  
 We finished the night off by having storytime in the lobby with Wiley the Wolf!  Kate thought it was cool (Ben not so much).