Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Break Part 3

We were having such a great time on our impromptu vacation that we decided to make one more stop on our way home.  Saturday morning we got up and headed to Atlanta for the day.  We of course had to make our first stop at the Varsity for some greasy food.  Kids loved it! 
 Then we went to the College Football Hall of Fame.  It was amazing!!  We had heard good things and it met expectations.  It was so cool from the minute we walked in with the giant wall of football helmets.  

 They had tons of interactive exhibits that were so cool!  We spent hours exploring and checking out all there was to see.
 Ben liked seeing all the Auburn players and coaches that were in the Hall of Fame.
 Even Kate got into the action with some of the exhibits!
 One of the coolest things was getting to be part of the College Gameday set.  Ben and Matt did awesome!

 The whole bottom floor is a football field where you can kick, catch and throw.  Ben loved it!

 We had such a great time!  We spent the rest of the day relaxing at our hotel before going to get some Thai food.  It was the kids first time to have Thai and they loved it!
Sunday we made it back to Huntsville.  We had such a great time even if it was not our original plan!