Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Break Part 2

We were up early on Thursday morning ready to take part in the fun activities around the Great Wolf Lodge.  Kate took part in the wolf walk while Ben did some MagiQuest.  
 Then we hit the water park for some more fun!  We loved the racing slides.  All 4 of us could race down them together.  Kate was really good!
 We loved just getting to all act like kids and have fun together!

 We were looking on TripAdvisor looking for something fun to do in Charlotte.  The number 1 thing was the Billy Graham Library.  We were a little skeptical but decided to check it out.  It was amazing!!  We were so impressed.  It sat on a beautiful piece of land and we had a blast exploring all they offered.
 We got to see the house that Billy Graham grew up in.  Very neat!
 Then we went through the museum part.  It was so cool.  Very interactive and informative.  We learned so much but also had a lot of fun.  They did an amazing job of presenting the gospel.
 It was a great stop and I would highly recommend it to anyone who goes to Charlotte.

 We then found this awesome little park in downtown Charlotte that had this really fun football area where kids could go through a football obstacle course.  Ben was of course in heaven!

 We then took a drive by the Panthers Stadium..  Ben is a huge Panthers fan because of Cam Newton.  We were hoping to run into him but he was out of town.  Ben wore his jersey of course!
 We did some research and found a restaurant that had been on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  It qualified as a Dive and Drive In.  A total dump but they had some amazing fried chicken.
 We had the full drive in experience!  It was great!
 The night finished up with a special visitor.  The kids got some cookies and milk before bed.  They were so excited!

 Friday we decided to head back to the Panthers stadium to take a tour.  Ben loved all the Cam jerseys they had in the gift shop.
 The tour was really cool!  We learned all about the team and stadium.

 We even got to go down on the field.  Amazing!
 And got to go into the visitor's locker room.
 Ben liked seeing the locker Peyton Manning used.
We got to go into the executive booths and the media room.  

 It was a great morning!  Ben the football loving boy was over the moon excited.

 We headed back to the lodge where Kate decorated a pumpkin in the kids club.
 Then we hit the water park for some nighttime fun!
 We had so much fun!!!  Loved every minute of our time in Charlotte and at the Great Wolf Lodge!