Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tate Farm Field Trip

It is a rite of passage for every kindergartner to get to go to Tate Farms on their first field trip.  Kate was so excited last week when she got to go!  Thankfully I was able to get away from work and get to tag along to take part in all the fun!  Tate Farms is every little kid's dream!  Jumping on the giant pillow...
 Petting all the animals...
 Going down the huge slide...
 Playing in the corn crib...

 I loved getting to meet all of Kate's new school friends.  They are a sweet bunch of girls and I am so glad she is already making such great friends.
 And of course we took the hayride out to pick out our pumpkin.  Kate searched high and low for the perfect pumpkin.
 Uncle Dennis was our tractor driver and he helped Kate clip her pumpkin.
 It was a cute little pumpkin perfect for Kate!
 Loved spending the day with my sweet girl.  It was a beautiful day and just perfect!

 We finished up with a picnic lunch on the farm.
 It was a great day at Tate Farms!!!