Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Stormy" Weekend

I put the stormy in the title of the post in quotes because it was supposed to be a super stormy weekend. The weathermen had been predicting this huge storm since about Tuesday of last week. It always cracks me up when they do that. I know they know that things could be bad but they make it out to be that it will be bad. I know in some places it was rough but here we got a little rain and about 3 bolts of lightening. Needless to say the "storm of the century" turned out to be a dud around here. Because of that all sorts of things around town were cancelled and everyone had a low key weekend. We had a great weekend in spite of the storms.

Friday I had to go down to Birmingham for work. It was an all day work day for me. I don't have those to often and when I do it makes me really appreciate the fact that I work part time. I don't have it together enough to work full time! It was a good trip down to B'ham. I did what I needed to do. The kids did great at school (Ben) and with my mom (Kate).

Friday night we went to our friend Ryan's "No Mo Chemo" party! I wrote about him back in the fall and the fight he was going through with lymphoma. We got to celebrate Friday night the amazing healing of God and the fact that he is cancer free!! It was a great party and a great time of celebration. We took the kids with us and they had a blast playing.

Saturday was low key because of the "storms." We got lots done around the house and also did some relaxing which was great. It is crazy that we don't have more Saturdays where we can do some relaxing. We all took a nap which was great!!

Today was church this morning. We had a great sermon on work and working for the Lord. Kate did amazing in the nursery!!!!!! It was the first time in 2 months that I haven't gotten called to come get her. She just had a good time with the ladies today. Maybe we have turned a corner! This afternoon we planted some flowers outside and enjoyed the nice weather. Our yard is really starting to look good!

The wisteria around the entry way is about to bloom this week. It is going to be beautiful. We live in a neighborhood where lots of the houses look the same so I knew I wanted to do something to make ours look different. We planted the wisteria a couple of years ago and it has really done well. It makes our house unique. If you read the books on gardening they say to never plant wisteria near your house because it will take over. We knew what we were getting into. It has taken over. Matt has to trim it back at least once a week to keep it from totally taking over the house!

Some of the new flowers we planted today!

Couldn't have a post without some pictures of the kiddos! Can I just say that I have the 2 best kids in the world. They are so much fun and I enjoy every minute of being their mom!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We are looking forward to another wonderful week.


Matt said...

It really was a wonderful weekend together. To be fair, our newscasters do have a large territory and there was a large tornado that swept through communities just 40 miles to our south. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in our area and surrounding states whose lives were up-heaved after Saturday's tornadoes.

Emily said...

Thank you my wonderfully -compassionate - politically correct husband!

Anonymous said...

I love the entryway! Great pics of the kiddos as usual :). ~Jess

Simplicity By Christy said...

LOL! You and Matt! LOL!