Sunday, May 16, 2010

6 Months Old!!!!

Can you believe our little baby Kate is 6 months old today??? I sure can't. The time has FLOWN by. She is a little girl these days and not a newborn. She is getting to such a fun age. Doing more and just bringing so much joy to us each day. Here is what Miss Kate is up to these days:

  • You are a girl who wants to do things. You are rolling all over the place and trying so hard to crawl. You get up on your belly and try so hard to scoot around. You are actually able to get around some at time. Won't be too much longer and you will take off I know. You are starting to sit up really good. You can reach for toys while sitting which is really cool.

  • You love to play with toys. Anything that you can grab and hold onto you do. And it all goes straight to your mouth!!! You are a chewer! And a drooler!!!! I have never seen a child drool so much in my life. Some of your favorite toys right now are your soft dog book, link toy, crab rattle and stacking blocks.

  • You continue to be a tiny thing. When I weighed you this week you were 14 pounds even. Still at the 16th%ile. You are wearing anywhere from 0-3 month clothes up to 12 month clothes. Girl clothes are great because they seem to fit no matter what size they are. You are wearing size 2 diapers.

  • You LOVE food!!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a baby that loves food as much as you do (and I have seen a lot of babies eating - that's my job). You scarf down your rice cereal a couple of times a day. You are also eating a jar of vegetables each night. When you see me pull out your spoons, you get so excited and start squealing and kicking. You kick the entire time we feed you. It is so cute. You also are so interested in our food. You try to grab it while you eat. Not too much longer and you will be eating off our plates I know. You continue to nurse 5 times each day which is great.
  • You are a morning baby. You wake up around 6 each morning and nurse. Then you are so happy. You just kick and play for a couple of hours before you take another nap that is usually 1 - 1 1/2 hours long. You also take a 2 hour afternoon nap most days if we are home. If we are on the go (which we are most days) then you just catch a nap when you can and that works for you. You go to bed around 8 each night and we don't hear from you again until 6! You have even stopped crying out when you loose your paci in the night. You just grab that thumb and suck away! So wonderful!

  • You have the brightest personality. You smile with your whole body. You also laugh so wonderfully. It is the sweetest little cackle that comes from deep down inside. You don't cry all that often but you do get frustrated when you can't go where you want. You love to be held so if you have been sitting or laying for too long you will cry. But it is a joy to hold you so we don't mind!

  • This past month has once again been full of fun new things with a trip to the beach and to Auburn.

  • The cutest thing you do is bite your top lip. Most kids bite their bottom lip but not you. You bite your top one whenever you are full or happy. It is just precious and so you!!!

  • You still have not lost a single hair on your head. It just keeps growing and growing. We have to use bows to keep it out of your eyes. Everywhere we go at least 5 people stop us and say how much hair you have and how beautiful it is. We have to agree!!
Wow!! It is amazing all Miss Kate is doing. After such a rough start to life, she sure is thriving these days. We consider it our privilege to be the parents of such a special little girl. Happy 1/2 birthday Kate!!!!!


Unknown said...

She is so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

she is just adorable emily!!! I know you are proud! I love all your updates and I can't believe its been 6 months!!!

Amanda Sanford said...

Hard to believe its been SIX months already! She is a beautiful baby...most hair I have ever seen stay through those first months! Keep enjoying!!!

LeeAnn said...

She is just too cute!! I just want to squeeze her! The romper is cute too. :)