Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend with Rosalyn

Last weekend (I know I'm behind) Kate got to bring home her class stuffed "pet" bunny.  Her name is Rosalyn.  Each child brings it home and documents what they do with Rosalyn.  Here is a sampling of what Rosalyn did at our house.  Kate and Rosalyn started out with a little playing in the leftover snow.  
 They spent the afternoon doing some art with Addy.  These girls love to color and do arts and crafts!  They are always asking for projects to do.
 Kate and Rosalyn the packed up for a night at Granna and Grandaddy's house.
 They had lots of fun making homemade pizzas and watching a movie.  Kate ate ice cream and Rosalyn ate some carrots.
 Kate tucked Rosalyn into her little bed next to her.
 They also had a yummy breakfast of waffles and back and salad for Rosalyn.
 Then Rosalyn got to join in on all the birthday festivities for Ben.  Kate and Addy hung out together during Ben's party.  They had a great time watching Frozen.  
 Rosalyn even joined up at Texas de Brazil.  She enjoyed the salad bar!
 Rosalyn seemed to have a great time at our house!  Kate loved having her around and getting to share what all they did with her class.

And because I didn't post this last week either...  We went out last Friday night to celebrate Paige's 40th birthday.  It was a really fun night.  So thankful for my special friend during this season of life!