Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

Hope everyone out there is surviving the flood. On my way home from work I thought I might have to find a boat. It is really coming down and the waters are rising.

Thought I would share a couple of things today. We got our Christmas stuff up over the weekend. I was not looking forward to all the decorating but now that it is all up I am loving it. The Christmas decorations just make our living room feel so homey and warm! Ben loved getting to help us decorate this year. I was so proud of how he helped. He also got to put the star on the top of the tree. Now onto Miss Kate. I just realized I never posted about her 1 year doctor's appointment. She is doing great. She had actually gained more weight than I thought. She was up to 19 pounds!! I can't believe it. She gained a pound in 2 weeks. Once she got over her tummy troubles she was good to go. Her weight was at the 16%ile. She really jumped in height too. She is up to 29 inches which is the 42%ile. The doctor did blood work to test for allergies since she had been having some rashes but it was all negative so that is good. She got all her shots which was not fun. The doctor had warned me that she might get a fever a week later and sure enough she did. Thanksgiving day she ran a 102 fever all day. She is also working on getting her molars so she is pretty restless. Hoping they break through soon!

So I have a question for all you moms. Anyone had experience with a child that wants to keep their hair in their face. Kate loves to have her hair in her face. She constantly is pulling it down into her eyes. I can't keep it looking cute or back in bows because she wants to have it in her eyes. She even likes to chew on it with her paci. So weird I think! This is what she looks like most of the time. Such a pretty little girl hiding behind some crazy hair! Any suggestions on how to keep the hair out of her face?