Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 2

We were up early on Monday morning ready for our first full day at the parks. We spent the whole day at Hollywood Studios. It was as really fun park full of lots of shows and rides that the kids loved!There were 2 big things that we wanted to do at the park - Toy Story Mania and Ben wanted to do Jedi Training Academy. So we had to devise a plan as to what we were going to do! We split up and ran in 2 different directions. I went and go fast passes for Toy Story and Ben and Matt went and got signed up for Jedi Training. There was a mad dash in 2 different directions! We enjoyed wondering around the empty streets of America. We all met up again and rode our first ride - Star Tours!! Ben was so excited for the Star Wars ride. It was so much fun!!!Before it was time for our Toy Story fastpasses we were able to watch the Little Mermaid show. Kate was mesmerized!! She just loved it!
The stroller parking outside cracked me up! It was a little tough to find ours in the sea of strollers. Then it was time for Toy Story!!!!!There is a reason it is so popular! It is a great ride. We loved it! We were lucky and got 2 sets of fastpasses so we were able to ride it in the morning and afternoon. Matt of course smoked us all!Kate enjoyed playing on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground while Ben got ready to fight Darth Vader. Then it was time for Jedi Academy!!!! It was so much fun for Ben. He got to put on a Jedi robe and have a light saber. There was a trainer that showed them a series of moves that they got to practice. Then Darth Vader showed up and asked to fight each of them. Ben was the first one to fight Darth Vader. He did a great job!!!None of the jedi decided to join the dark side so they all got diplomas and graduated from training! Ben was in heaven! He loved every minute of it.
After the show, we went and had lunch at Pizza Planet. Ben thought it was cool since it is in Toy Story.
We caught a couple of other movies and rides then went back to the hotel to rest. We were all tired after a long morning. After napping, we went back to the park and split up. The boys went to see Indiana Jones stunt show. And the girls went to see the Disney Junior stage show! Both of the kids loved the shows. Kate even got to meet Handy Manny after the show. We ran into a green army man on our way back to Toy Story Mania!We had dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. It is a fun place for dinner. The decor is fun with all the retro stuff. The food was yummy as well. After dinner we went to Fantasmic! It is a huge show that is totally awesome! The kids just sat in awe. I think the adults did as well. After the show we rode a couple of more rides (including Star Wars again)!
Then it was time to head out! We had a really fun day at Hollywood Studios. Kate was goofy on the bus on the way back to the hotel. The kids were wiped out! They were fast asleep in minutes.