Friday, March 16, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 7

Our trip was starting to wind down on Saturday. We did not have any real set plans for the day but wanted to go back and do our favorite things again. The spring break crowd was starting to hit so it was getting busy but we were still able to do lots of things. Since everyone's favorite things were at Magic Kingdom we decided to head back there for the morning. The kids were so excited to wear their matching Mickey shirts. I just love this picture and the love you can see between them. They had a wonderful time together all week. There were no fights and they just had fun. I was such a blessing. Our first stop was our favorite ride at MK - Peter Pan!Ben didn't want to ride many rides he just wanted to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom all day. Matt was good with that so they pretty much played all day. We had seen all the princesses except one - Tiana. Kate really wanted to meet her so we headed over to her meet and greet. We were expecting a long line but there was no one there! Kate just got to walk right up to her and spend about 5 minutes with her. They had so much fun together. Tiana was so sweet and chatted with Kate. It was a really fun time! Kate then got to ride one of her favorite rides a couple of more times - Aladdin's Magic Carpets.We then decided to head over to Tom Sawyer Island to check it out. It was lots of fun to explore the island. The kids loved being able to run around and cross bridges and check out forts.
Ben then said he wanted to ride Space Mountain so we headed over there and conquered the last big mountain! I am still so proud of him and how he did not let his fears get in the way of trying new things.
After a great lunch at Cosmic Ray's we headed back for an afternoon rest. We had dinner reservations at 'Ohana restaurant in the Polynesian hotel. It was probably one of our favorite meals. The food was excellent. It was grilled meats that were served table side. The pasta was delicious! Also the atmosphere was tons of fun!They had all the kids get up and participate in a coconut race. They also had a lady teach them how to hula. Ben loved learning to dance!After dinner we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. Kate still had some money to spend so we went to the princess shop. She got dusted with pixie dust!She picked out a Rapunzel doll and some princess figurines. She was so excited!We finally rode It's a Small World. We had been putting it off but decided we couldn't leave without doing it. Then we watched the electromagic parade. It was the only parade we made it to. We really enjoyed it. We also rode Buzz Lightyear one more time. Check out my score (I won't admit that there was something wrong with it). We then found a spot and watched the Wishes fireworks show. It was so cool. Nothing better than fireworks over the castle!We played a couple of more rounds of Sorcerers. It was like 11 pm so we decided to head out. Kate was not happy! She was having fun.
We had a wonderful last full day in the park!