Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 4

dOur 4th day was full of more characters and lots of fun! We were at the Magic Kingdom bright and early and got to see the opening ceremony. Our first stop was in Fantasyland to ride Peter Pan and Pooh since these rides get very busy later in the day. It was great to be able to just walk onto them first thing in the day. The kids loved getting to play in Pooh's house outside the ride. Kate's favorite movie right now is Tangled so she was very excited to get to meet Rapunzel. She is probably the most popular princess right now so there are very long lines to see her. I think total we waited about an hour and a half to see her. Opa did most of the waiting but then we all joined him and waited some more. Kate amused herself by watching Tangled on the phone. Finally we made it to the front of the line and got to meet Rapunzel!!! She was so much fun because she just talked and talked and talked to Kate. Kate didn't' say much but you could tell she loved it. We ran into Alice and the White Rabbit. Then we saw Woody!Ben was too scared to ride the Haunted Mansion ride (he would ride all the roller coasters but not the calm mansion ride) but Kate rode it and loved it!Then we got to meet Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters! They were hilarious.
We took a break for lunch at the Crystal Palace. It was one of our favorite meals. They have a great buffet and we got to meet all characters from Winnie the Pooh. Kate was more interested in her food than she was in meeting the characters. Kate showed Pooh that she had him on her shirt!Kate even got to meet the Fairy Godmother!Matt and I were so excited to take the kids to the Mickey's Philharmagic show because we loved it when we went several years ago. The kids loved it too!We went and saw the Monster's Inc comedy show. Mema was the star of the show! Mike called her out and talked to her all during the show. It was so funny. We enjoyed the street show. Kate danced and danced!
Ben got to drive the race car in the Tomorrowland Speedway. Matt, Ben and I rode Splash Mountain. I think it is probably my favorite ride at Disneyworld! After a fun day we headed back to our hotel to rest. We had this fun towel bunny waiting on us. After we all napped we went off on an adventure to Downtown Disney. Our hotel was connected to Downtown Disney by boat so we enjoyed a nice fun boat ride. Ben was so excited to get to go to the Lego store!! It may have been the highlight of the trip for him. GG had given the kids Disney gift cards for Christmas so they were so excited to get to spend their money. Ben spent a long time looking for the perfect Star Wars Lego!
Kate was in heaven in the Disney store looking at all of the princess stuff. She finally decided on some Tangled figurines and a Rapunzel doll. The rest of our time at Downtown Disney was a total disaster. I won't go into all of the craziness but involved Kate throwing up, crazy boat skippers and missed buses. Somehow we survived though. It was the one low point of the trip. We were all ready for bed and a quiet day at this point!